How I use my Stream Deck

I have a Stream Deck, but I don't stream... so what do I use it for?

I got my Stream Deck a long time ago when I thought I was going to get back into streaming... but that never happened but I still use my Stream Deck almost every day!


  • Playing/pausing Spotify specifically - this is useful when I want to watch a video. The play/pause keyboard on my keyboard will pause the video that's starting to play not the music in the background so the pause button on the Stream Deck is now my default instead of the key on my keyboard

  • Input/Output monitors - sometimes my computer switches which mic or speakers it's using and when I'm hopping on a video call it is nice to have a button to press instead of trying to switch in the video UI or system UI.

  • Global mute - speaking of video calls, it's nice to have a quick mute button.

  • Multi-actions for web projects - on my second page I have all my various projects set up as multi actions, clicking one will pull up the code and open the page in the browser