Over the weekend I built an Icon maker for my Stream Deck

Introducing Iconi:
A Quick and Simple Icon Creator for Stream Deck

Pick a background, icon, color and download to use for your own action. Login to save your designs to edit or download later.

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I really don't like the default icons for a lot of my Stream Deck buttons, and I really don't like that they don't all match! Elgato's Strem Deck Key Creator is out for me because I find it cumbersome and slow. Awhile back I created a Photoshop file to create the keys but I also don't like opening up Photoshop if I can help it. So like any web developer I decided to build my own tool to get the job done.


  • Be as easy as styling something with TailwindCSS

  • Have icons ready so I don't need to search for stuff

  • Have colors ready so I don't need to pick a color

  • Download and save for later editing


  • Create gradients for backgrounds

  • Allow uploads of background images

  • Allow uploads of icons

  • Pre-defined shadows that look cool