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My latest side project. This is making managing what Jess and I print much, much easier.

You can add a getTableHeaderActions method to any component that implements the Tables\Concerns\InteractsWithTable concern. This allowed me to add a button to the header of a table widget.


1protected function getTableHeaderActions(): array
3 return [
4 CreateAction::make()
5 ->url(route('filament.resources.jobs.create')),
6 ];

Print Queue Table Header Widget

An undocumented feature of Filament I found recently is the ability to add actions to table headers!

Tips for real-world Alpine.js · Code with Hugo

Post I found during a 🍐 session with Andrew. It was useful for us to see a dump of the data.

I just deployed my new website, which feels like I do every other year or so... take a look at the details on how it's set up and stuff.

For various reasons I'm dumping the time tracker I have been using, and building my own. Follow along on my YouTube channel.

I've already subbed out a initial version of the app, and have been using it to track my activities for over a week, but instead of recapping what I've done. I'm going to start over and build it with you.


  • Physical component
  • Track what I'm doing when
  • Easy to add integrations
  • Not expensive
  • Add goals (i.e. X hours working)

App Tools:

Physical Tools:

Follow along as I stream the process of building a Time Tracking app that works for me using Laravel and Filament.