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Instead of recording video #1 for the new series I'm planning, I reorganized my office, and added some new shelves. I guess the videos will have a pretty background at least!


This month on the "Pets of Tighten" calendar features my two dogs Velvet and Geo.


Bag 4 ✅ With that it looks like the first floor is 99% done. There's still a gaping hole in the front of the Jazz club, so I'm curious what that build will look like!


Bag 3 ✅ In this bag I really enjoyed building the Double Bass case (bottom right attached to the bass player). I wish it could accommodate the actual instrument that he's holding but that would have made it a lot bigger. Also on the bass player, there is a hearing aid or monitor on the right side of the head which is a print I've never seen before!


Bag 2 ✅ The first floor is coming along! I really liked building the stage (bottom right) and wood burning pizza oven (bottom left).


Bag 1 ✅ Follow along on my progress with building the latest LEGO modular building: Jazz Club (10312)


Model Source: Printables

I printed this using Blue Inland PLA. I really like how the design has two rows for the .4 nozzles, since we have a ton of those nozzles.


Model Source: Printables

This is printed on Blue Gray EcoFill PLA. I don't have Stanley wrenches, but this box worked great for what I've got.

Yellow 3D printed soda can holder printed for use with the gridfinity system. The background is a light bamboo desk.

Model Source: Printables

Printed with Inland Yellow Matte PLA.

Timeular tracker with a sicker of a Minecraft creeper. It is resting on a black base that is supported by a yellow gridfinity base. The base rests on a bamboo desk with a keyboard cushion in the background.

I use a Timeular Tracker to track what I'm working on during the day, and wanted to add it to my desk Gridfinity baseplate. Designed using Zach's Parametric templates in Fusion 360.

Model: Gridfinity Timeular


Model Source: Printables

I printed this using Matte Yellow Inland PLA. This holds the AirPods securely but also can be removed without much difficulty.

7 dice in assorted sizes, shapes and colors arranged neatly on a matte yellow 3D printed bin. The bin is on a bamboo desk.

Model Source: Printables

Printed with Inland Matte Yellow PLA. The D6 doesn't really fit in the slot for it, but the rest fit well but are still easy to remove.